Hub Project Volunteers

“Volunteering with the Hub has given
me a great opportunity to give my IT skills
back to the community. It always feels
good to know that you have made a
difference for somebody.”
“I really enjoy Working at the Hub,
it’s really helped me to gain some
confidence and has brought me
out of my shell”



” Being a Volunteer has really
helped me in my Life. I Have had allot
of personal challenges, being involved has
helped me overcome these”





Service user case studies

Case Study Paul

Paul was a regular user of the HUB. Paul has learning disabilities and has struggle when job searching and applying for jobs.  The Hub has supported Paul with this process, we have helped him overcome the challenges he faced in using jobsites and making CV’s. Paul gained confidence and independence in using computers, he would tell new users “if I can do it, you can do it”Paul has secured work in the kitchens for the St John Ambulance cafe in Hadleigh.

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We have a ideov below of Voulunteers who have used the service and been placed at the Hub Project, telling their story and experience.




Case Study Patrick

Patrick started as a user of the Hub he came to do his Jobsearch, he is isolated and the Hub gives him a place to mix and meet people. He came to the Hub everyday to use the service.  Patrick became a volunteer helping users with their Jobsearch and learners on learn My Way. He is a very dedicated and reliable volunteer.  Patrick failed to attend and we had no communication from him. We became very concerned because we knew this was out of the ordinary for him. We contacted him but had no response from his home or mobile phone, we became very concerned. We went to his home and had no response, working with South Essex Homes we helped get access to his home. We found Patrick collapsed in his home semi conscious and unable to move. We called an ambulance and got Patrick to hospital. He was in intensive care and now is recovering slowly.  The Hub volunteers are a vital component to the project; they are a team who look after each other. Patrick being part of this project has grown in confidence helping other people in need in the community. Without being involved in the Hub the outcome may have been very different.