How Can We Help?

We are here to empower all members of our community to realise their full potential.

We create welcoming social environments developing Community Hub Models in which local people can connect, share, build capacity, be empowered and collaborate; giving us the opportunity to offer support, information and guidance to enrich lives.

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Digital Inclusion Support

Helping people to develop digital skills, confidence and technological ‘know how’ they need to prosper in today’s online world. Support ranges from learning and using office suites to understanding and navigating online services and applications e.g. Social Housing application forms to being able to shop online and many more…

Housing and Homeless Support

We are providing face to face support through our Help In Hub where people can talk to someone about their housing issues. We are supporting people at risk of homelessness and people who are homeless.

Helping people to access online housing services including making social housing applications, rent deposit schemes and declaring and registering homelessness.

Supported through our Help In Hub model we are helping people to navigate the systems and processes while helping them build capacity to be independent.

Children and Young People Support

SECH Youth Hub provides a safe and positive environment where we support young people with meaningful activities, working co-productively, creating a safe community space for young people supporting their well-being and mental health.

Community Development

SECH aims to improve the economic, social, and environmental well-being of the people of South Essex. We collaborate and participate among community members, local organisations, and various stakeholders to address common issues, build social capital, and enhance overall quality of life.

Information Support

We support people to access information, details on local support services, information of local authority services and signposting to specific support services. Through volunteers and staff we support people to navigate and find information online.

Volunteering, Training and Life Skills

Volunteering is at the heart of what SECH is all about. We provide volunteer opportunities through our Help In Hub, Youth Hub and Trustees. We value life experience and skills and welcome people from all walks of life to contact us to volunteer.

SECH was recognised in 2020 receiving the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service.

SECH provides free Life Skills training sessions from basic budgeting to eating on a budget and employability support. If you feel isolated and want to connect to other people in the community these sessions provide a good opportunity to be involved and meet new people.

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